3 Chrome Extensions To Help You Focus

3 Chrome Extensions To Help You Focus

Need help to focus on your work? Then you should try these 3 Chrome Extensions which have been designed to help you focus when working online. When working online it is easy to squander time and lose focus through the various and many distractions on the internet. These nifty little add-ons to your browser can be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your focus and productivity. Just in case you are not familiar with Chrome Extensions let's first understand what they are and how you can install them.

What are Chrome Extensions?

Chrome extensions are small software programs that you can add to your Google Chrome browser. They are designed to customise and enhance your browsing experience, adding various functionalities but we are looking at extensions that will help you focus.  To install a Chrome extension, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store Extensions Category.
  2. Browse the extensive selection of extensions available and chose the one you are after (links to so me great ones for focus are included below).
  3. Click the "Add to Chrome" button for the extension you want to install, and confirm the installation when prompted.
pinning chrome extensions in google chrome for focus

Once you have followed the steps to install a Chrome extension, you will see the extension's icon or shortcut in your browser's toolbar, typically located in the top-right corner of the window, it is a small jigsaw puzzle piece icon. 

Once you have added a number of extensions to your browser you may want to pin the ones you want access to first so they are easier to find. To pin the extension for quick and easy access, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the Extension Icon: After installation, look for the newly added extension's icon in your browser's toolbar. It will usually appear as a small, distinct icon representing the extension's logo or functionality. If you have a number of then already you may need to click on the puzzle piece to find the one you are after.
  2. Pin the Extension: Right-click on the extension's icon. A dropdown menu will appear, presenting you with various options related to the extension.
  3. Select "Pin" from the Menu: In the dropdown menu, click on the option that says "Pin" or "Pin to toolbar" (the exact wording may differ based on the extension).
  4. Extension Pinned: After selecting "Pin," the extension's icon will be fixed in the toolbar, ensuring it stays visible even when you open new tabs or navigate through different webpages.

If you ever wish to remove the pinned extension, you can right-click on the icon again and choose the option to "Unpin" it.

Now that you know how to install and pin Chrome Extensions let's delve into three fantastic tools that can significantly boost your focus:

1. StayFocusd - Master Your Online Time Management

chrome extension for focus - screen shot of how stayfocsd appears in your browser

StayFocusd is a powerful extension designed to help you stay on track by blocking websites you find that you waste time on. This extension allows you to set daily time limits for specific sites or block them entirely after you've exceeded your allocated time. For example, in the above screen shot you can see that there is only 6:53 minutes of time available to be on that site for that day. The limit was set at 15 minutes and when it runs out it will not be able to be accessed even if you turn your computer on or off.

Using StayFocusd encourages you to make the most of your productive hours by minimising the time you can spend on distracting websites. The beauty of this extension is that it still lets you have some time on the sites you like. But you can ban yourself completely if you wish as well. If you find you have many sites that you get distracted on and you set them all a time limit of 15 minutes a day, you can still lose a lot of focus across the day. Think about what sites you need to limit and what sites you should probably block fully!

2. Momentum - Start Your Day with a Productivity Boost

Chrome Extensions To Help You Focus - screen shot of what momentum looks likes on your browser

Momentum Chrome Extension replaces your browser's default new tab page with a personalised dashboard, featuring a beautiful image, inspiring quote, and a to-do list. As soon as you open a new tab on Google Chrome, Momentum greets you with a sense of purpose, reminding you of your daily goal and tasks. This can trigger a cognitive process called priming, where exposure to a stimulus (in this case, your to-do list and motivational quote) can influence subsequent behaviour and mindset, making you more focused and task-oriented throughout the day.

3.News Feed Eradicator - Streamlining Your Focus for Productivity

Chrome Extensions To Help You Focus - screenshot of what News Feed Eradicator looks like on your browser

News Feed Eradicator is another Chrome extension designed to free you from the time-sucking grip of social media distractions. It allows you to access the social media websites but it eradicates your social media feeds, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, and replaces them with uplifting and motivational quotes.

By eliminating your feed you can still access the sites for research or checking in but you have lost the ability to endlessly scroll and get lost in social media rabbit holes. You have to search for what you are after and this makes it harder to find content to just scroll through. News Feed Eradicator gives you a cleaner and more serene browsing experience and you can reclaim valuable time and boost your productivity. 

Plus 1 Lifestyle Post To Help You Focus

l-theanine to help you focus with work - cans of Adapt Drinks and writing notes

There are some supplements we can take to help with focus and you have most likely heard how caffeine can help with this. But you don't always want to have caffeine late in the afternoon when you find your focus waning and L-theanine can be a great option.

L-theanine has been shown to improve cognitive performance and focus, making it a popular nootropic supplements. Studies have found that L-theanine can help to reduce mental fatigue and increase alertness, making it easier to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods. It has also been shown to enhance memory and learning.

The study - Assessing the effects of caffeine and theanine on the maintenance of vigilance during a sustained attention task found that L-theanine was just as effective as caffeine for improving cognitive performance, but without the negative side effects associated with caffeine, such as jitters and anxiety.

L-theanine is commonly found in tea, particularly green tea, but it can also be taken as a dietary supplement or through functional beverages. The recommended dosage of L-theanine varies depending on the individual and the purpose for which it is being taken but in the above study participants were given a dose of 100mg.

One can of Adapt Drinks Relax contains 132mg of L-theanine a much higher does than that is typically found in a cup of black tea (approximately 20mg). So instead of grabbing another coffee at 3pm, grab a can of Adapt Drinks Relax and see your focus improve!

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