Stockist Spotlight - Harmony Market

Stockist Spotlight - Harmony Market

Harmony Market is a traditional and organic green grocer located in Surrey Hills and they also have a fabulous free local home delivery service too! On top of excellent produce they also stock a fantastic range of premium, ethically sourced health foods, delicious chocolates, snacks, as well as a great range of drinks - and yes they stock Adapt Drinks Relax where you can buy it by the single can!  

harmony market surrey hills adapt drinks fridge

Ali, his wife Wiem and the team at Harmony Market deliver great customer service that is personalised. From the first time I went into the store they have known my name and greet me warmly ever time I go in. They have a lovely weekly feature of their customer of the week on their Instagram account and genuinely take an interest in their customers.

harmony market - ali and wiem

The origin story of Harmony Market

Ali's parents migrated to Australia 53 years ago and from the start they did what came to them naturally - working on local produce farms. Dad fondly says “ was way different back then son - people would just pick out their produce and leave the correct amount of money in a bucket.”

In 1978 his parents made the life-changing move and opened their very own fruit and vegetable shop in Kensington. The rest, as they say, is history, and their long legacy as fruit and vegetable retailers remains.

After taking a different route to being a green grocer, Ali now has a young family of his own and found his way back to where his heart belongs.

Harmony Market is an opportunity for my family to continue their support for local farmers and serve the local community premium, seasonal, and ethically sourced produce- just like my parents prided themselves upon. It was a privilege for me to have such earnest values instilled in me from a young age. 

Amazing local produce

harmony market amazing produce

Harmony Market have an extensive range of fruit and veg and they stock as much as they can from Victorian producers. Ali is a regular visitor to suppliers, picking up new produce from places like the Yarra Valley and the like so customers can access the best fresh produce. 

Supporting small businesses

harmony market - small business

Not only do they support local growers, Harmony Markets also support many small food and drinks businesses (like Adapt Drinks!) giving them a chance to widen their audience for their products. I love taking my time while picking up my fruit and veg so I can check out what's new and then bring home awesome products to taste! They also host regular Meet The Makers in store events so you can meet the people behind and sample some new foods that are made in Melbourne. 

Reducing waste 

    harmony market reducing waste

    Harmony Market are conscious about the impact they have on the environment. They recycle all of their cardboard, return wax produce boxes and foam boxes to their farmers and suppliers, seperate soft plastic packaging and glass. They also donate surplus quality produce to the less fortunate and organic scraps go in the green waste. They realise that this is a small part they can play in helping to reduce waste.

    You can visit Ali and Wiem at Harmony Market and pick up some Adapt Drinks Relax as well as other fantastic drinks at611 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills, Victoria. And definitely follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with what's in season and new arrivals to the store.

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