Stockist Spotlight - Soul Geelong

Stockist Spotlight - Soul Geelong

soul geelong

Soul Geelong is a fabulous cafe and grocer with a eurocentric flare. They are also the stockists of Geelong's largest non alc range, which includes Adapt Drinks. If you are in the Geelong area and have wanted to taste Adapt Drinks before purchasing a carton, then head to Soul Geelong as they sell Adapt Drinks Relax in single cans!

Soul Geelong is open for brunch and lunch Tue - Fri: 7-3, Sat: 8-12, and for bacaro on selected evenings. Don't know what bacaro is?  It is a term Venetians use for bars that offer the typical Venetian aperitif with an “ombra” (small glass of wine) and a “cicchetto” (something typical to eat).

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Their menu changes regularly and the best place to keep up to date with what delicious food they are serving and when they are having a bacaro evening is to follow them on Instagram

Q & A with Soul Geelong Founder, Madelin Stones

soul geelong madelin stones

Founder Madelin Stones is a dynamic entreprenuer who has a passion for good food and good drinks - non alcoholic and alcoholic. I asked Madelin a few questions about Soul Geelong and its origins.

soul geelong

How did you come up with your name? 

I love the name Soul because I wanted it to be the Soul of the suburb where we eat, drink and mingle on communal tables.

How long have you been going for and what made you start your business?

Since Feb 21. I grew up in hospitality so it was a long time dream come true. [A gutsy time to start a hospitality business in Victoria with the ongoing COVID pandemic!]

What are the customer favourite products at your store?

Our take home meals, and the Non Alcohol products are definitely hero items!


non alcoholic drinks soul geelong

What do you love about working on your business?

Meeting new people and trying existing new products for sure.

Why did you decided to stock non alcoholic drinks?

As an 'avid drinker' who decided to stop, I love the ritual of having a drink. The pretty glasses, the wind down, the social aspect. I never wanted to stick to soda water. Once I have an idea I go pretty hard on it, and within a few weeks we became Geelong's largest non alcoholic hub!

What changes have you seen in the drinks industry over the last twelve months?

A trend towards lighter/less sweet flavours and more functionality from their drinks. Beverages like Adapt with natural flavouring and health benefits are gaining real traction.

soul geelong

You can visit Madelin at Soul Geelong and pick up some Adapt Drinks Relax as well as other fantastic goodies at 58 Charles St, Newcomb, Victoria. And definitely follow them on Instagram here.

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