Bottled in Ballarat

Adapt Drinks are made and bottled in Ballarat, a regional city in Victoria. I have partnered with two amazing businesses in Ballarat to help make Adapt Relax. 

brink drinks ballarat where adapt drinks' sparkling adaptogenic drinks are made

The first is Brink Drinks who are an agile and innovative beverage manufacturer. They took my original base formulation for Adapt Relax and added their magic to help make it taste as amazing as it does today.  Each batch is blended carefully and then bottled on the Brink production line.

custom extracts ballarat - sparkling adaptogenic drinks

All of the amazing liquid adaptogenic herbs used in Adapt Drinks are being sourced from Custom Extracts, also a startup in Ballarat. Founder Max Crawford manufactures unique flavours and aromas for craft brewers, distillers and beverage makers.

To make the liquid extracts Max takes the dried roots and/or leaves of the adaptogenic herbs. These pure raw materials are loaded into the extraction vessel where the flavour containing components are dissolved in high pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at room temperature.

The flavours are then removed from the gas in a separate part of the process. The absence of heat or organic solvents results in complex, satisfying flavours. Aromatic, flavourful and functional components are extracted. Water, sugars and the cellulose rich host materials remain.

“CO2 is the supercritical solvent of choice in the extraction of flavour and fragrance compounds, since it is an odorless, colourless, highly pure, safe, nontoxic, non-flammable and recyclable” {source}