7 short free online yoga classes to help you relax

7 short free online yoga classes to help you relax

A silver lining of the first long lockdown in 2020 for me was finding online yoga classes. I had previously been doing one yoga class a week in a studio and would love to have done more but time and money were blockers for me.

I tried out many online yoga teachers on Youtube and once I came across Yoga with Kassandra I stopped looking any further! I love Kassandra's calm voice and mindful approach and I loved that I could do short sessions. Kassandra teaches Yin and Vinyasa style yoga and classes that go from short 10 minutes ones to full one hour sessions.

At this time of year when we can start to feel busyness and stress creeping in, setting aside 10 minutes in your day to do a short yoga session can do wonders for how you feel both mentally and physically.

Below I have listed seven classes from Kassandra that I absolutely adore. They are perfect for any yoga experience as Kassandra gives options for different poses you can do based on where you are currently at. Two of the classes require props (block and a pillow) but the rest require no props. I have noted which one require props. Enjoy!

  1. 10 min Morning Yoga For Anxiety & Stress - Poses for calming down the nervous system when you are feeling stressed. Block required.
  2. 15 min Hip Opening Vinyasa Yoga - Filmed on a beach with beautiful ocean sounds that are super calming and a gorgeous stormy sky as a back drop. A very nice vinyasa flow.
  3. 10 min Morning Yoga For Neck & Upper Back Relief - Emphasises stretching the neck and upper back/shoulders. This is often where we hold our stress and we end up feeling quite tight. You will feel so much better after this.
  4. 10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch - Starts with grounding breath work at the start and setting an intention for the day, so perfect to do on a morning you have a lot on and want to get off to a calm start.
  5. 10 min Morning Yoga Flow To Detox & Destress -The name says it all!
  6. 10 min Evening Full Body Yoga Stretch - This is the perfect session to do at the end of the day to help you wind down and ease into a good night sleep. Gets you to focus on your breath as a way to calm down the nervous system. Need to be close to a wall for this session.
  7. Yin Yoga for Stress Relief - 30 min Peaceful Yoga Stretch - A longer session but really worth it if you have had a big week. This is a nurturing stress relieving yin practice. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced and calming style of yoga. Poses are held for longer periods of time with a focus on floor-based postures. You will need a block, a pillow and to be near a wall.

Do you have a favourites online yoga teacher?

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