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What are adaptogenic herbs / adaptogens?

Adaptogenic herbs or adaptogens are a select group of herbs that have powerful properties to help our bodies cope with the stressors of modern life. Clinical trials have demonstrated that adaptogens exert an anti-fatigue effect that increases our mental work capacity when faced with stress and fatigue. This means even when we are experiencing stressful situations we are able to feel better and perform better and go about daily life better than if we didn’t have the support of adaptogens. To really get into the science of how adaptogens work you can read more and see some graphs here - How Adaptogens Work and The Stress Response and Adaptogens.

What are functional beverages?

Functional beverages are non-alcoholic drinks containing ingredients like herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or added raw fruit or vegetables, to provide health benefits beyond their base nutritional value. They are drinks that provide a function as well as being a beverage! Adapt Relax is a functional beverage. To read more about functional beverages head here - The Future of Functional Beverages in Australia.

How do Adapt Drinks work?

We created Adapt Drinks to have the function of helping you relax and unwind at the end of the day. The drinks do this in both the short and the long term.

The drinks relax you immediately through the key ingredient L-theanine. It is an amino acid that is not common in the diet and it promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

One can of Adapt Drinks Relax contains 132mg of l-theanine a much higher dose than is typically found in a cup of tea (approximately 20mg). And this is double the 50mg of l-theanine per day that was given to participants in a study that showed it to be an effective mechanism to increase relaxation.

Adapt Drinks Relax also contains two adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs or adaptogens are a select group of herbs that have powerful properties to help our bodies cope with the stressors of modern life.

Adaptogens have been shown to help your body by increasing your ability to resist stress and decreasing your sensitivity to stressors. This happens through the way they affect your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

You can read a full explanation of how Adapt Drinks works here - How Adapt Drinks Relax works.

When should I drink Adapt Relax?

Short answer - anytime!

Long answer - there are two very specific times we suggest to maximise the effect of the active ingredients in Adapt Drinks Relax.

Early evening - you are feeling the tension of a busy day and want to unwind but you don’t have time to sit and relax. Pour yourself a glass of Adapt Drinks Relax and feel the tension ease away. The combination of the adaptogens and l-theanine helps you to feel more relaxed without feeling drowsy.

3pm - you have a lot of work to do and really need to focus but do not want to have caffeine this late in the day. Adapt Drinks is perfect for this time. One can of Adapt Drinks Relax contains 132mg of l-theanine. Studies have found that l-theanine can help to reduce mental fatigue and increase alertness, making it easier to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods. One study found that l-theanine was just as effective as caffeine for improving cognitive performance, but without the negative side effects associated with caffeine, such as jitters and anxiety.

What does Adapt Relax taste like?

Native Strawberry Gum has a subtle sweetness and mellow strawberry flavour, it refreshes and relaxes finishing with fruity undertones.

Lemon Myrtle has hints of lemon, lime and lemongrass with a delicate citral note. The flavour profile has a light sweetness and is cooling on the palate.

What sweetener does Adapt Drinks use?

We have chosen to use Monk fruit concentrate as our sweetener. Monk fruit concentrate does not contain fructose or glucose, and is considered a low-glycemic sweetener. This means that it does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels, making it a good option for people with diabetes or other blood sugar disorders. Monk fruit has been used as a food for hundreds of years, and there have been no reported side effects from eating the sweetener. It has zero sugar and zero calories.

When will I start to feel the effects?

Everyone is different in terms of response time, some feel it straight away, while for others it takes around 30 to 40 minutes after having the drink. The immediate effect is coming from l-theanine while the regular consumption of adaptogens via the drink will help build up stress responses over time.

How many can I have a day?

While there is no limit on how much you can consume of Adapt Relax, adaptogens work most effectively when taking consistently over time. It is better to have 1 - 2 bottles a day, each day, rather than drinking all twelve in one go!

Is it safe to drink Adapt Relax while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Adapt Relax has been reviewed by an independent naturopath regulatory consultant and it is deemed safe for consumption by pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have any concerns it is recommended you speak to your health professional first.

Where are Adapt Drinks made?

Adapt Drinks are made with love in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. I have partnered with another independent business who manages and executes the production of Adapt Drinks.

How do subscriptions work?

You can read all about how subscriptions work here but in brief you can choose how often you would like to receive your delivery of Adapt Drinks and subscriptions attract a 10% discount each order.

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