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It has been a long day, all you want to do is unwind but your mind is still racing. This is the perfect time to have an Adapt Drinks Relax, a non-alcohol and no-sugar sparkling drink. Made with all natural ingredients including adaptogenic herbs and L-theanine, Relax will give you a moment for your mind and mood.

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Unwind and Relax with Adaptogenic Drinks

With Adapt Drinks Relax you will feel the tension fall away and your mind begin to calm. It takes the edge off and helps you unwind.

With adaptogenic herbs and l-theanine it is a great natural alternative to alcohol to unwind at the end of the day.

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  • woman pouring adaptogenic drink to help with sleep

    Trouble with Sleeping???

    Not only are Adapt Drinks a great alternative to alcohol in the evening when you want to unwind but with power ingredient L-theanine it can actually help improve your sleep!

    How L-theanine can help with sleep 
  • woman holding a can adaptogenic drink to help with menopause symptoms

    Menopause Symptoms???

    A 2014 study found that Schisandra berry was a safe and effective complementary medicine for menopausal symptoms, especially for hot flushes, sweating, and heart palpitations.

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About the Founder

Nicole Avery founded Adapt Drinks as she wanted to create a great tasting non alcoholic drink to have at the end day to help women unwind and relax. A drink that left you feeling better in both the short and long term after you consumed it - no hangovers, no disrupted sleep and no brain fog after affects.

From the initial formulations created in Nic’s kitchen to the polished and delicious Adapt Drinks available now, they are made with love in Melbourne.

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  • adaptogenic herb chisandra berry for stress relief

    Schisandra Berry

    A powerful adaptogen known for its ability to help the body adapt to stress and maintain balance. It can aid in reducing stress levels and help with perimenopausal symptoms.

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  • adaptogenic herb panax ginseng for stress relief

    Panax Ginseng

    Also a potent adaptogenic herb that can significantly help in reducing stress levels, enhancing the body's ability to cope with stress, and promoting overall relaxation.

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  • l-theanine ingredient for relaxation


    Is a natural amino acid renowned for its stress-reducing properties, promoting relaxation without causing drowsiness, and improving cognitive function and focus.

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The Happy Boxes Project 

Adapt Drinks supports The Happy Boxes Project who aim to empower women through alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs.

A Happy Box is a collection of toiletries and beauty products put together and sent to a woman in a remote community. The purpose a Happy Box is to not only provide access to women who would otherwise go without, but to spread kindness and happiness.

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