About Us

Adapt Drinks is a functional beverage company. We make amazing drinks from adaptogenic herbs to help women adapt to life stressors, feel better and perform better, enabling them to live life with calm energy.

What are functional beverages? They are a non-alcoholic drink containing ingredients like herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or added raw fruit or vegetable, to provide health benefits beyond their base nutritional value.

What are adaptogenic herbs? They are a natural substance considered to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.

We add adaptogenic herbs to our drinks to make them functional - this means not only do they taste amazing, but they do your amazing things for your body and mind too.

We are female founded, female focused and female inspired. We intimately understand the stressors on modern women and the impact this has on her well being. We create functional beverages to support her ability to accommodate the varying physical and emotional stresses of daily life. 

Our mission is to make amazing drinks from adaptogenic herbs to help women adapt to stress, feel better, perform better, and support them to live life with calm energy.

About the founder Nicole Avery

Adapt Drinks sparkling adaptogenic drinks Founder Nicole Avery

Adapt Drinks was founded by Nicole (Nic) Avery and from its very inception she has been supported by amazing female friends and family to bring this idea to life. Without their help, advice, guidance, feedback and encouragement Adapt Drinks would be an idea only.

Nic is a Melbourne based mum to five kids aged from 21 to 11. She has been working online for over 10 years growing Planning With Kids to be one of Australia's most popular parenting blogs. 

And it was over these 10 years that she started making changes to her lifestyle and diet to improve the way she felt, increase her energy, productivity and performance:

  • From eating a diet in highly processed foods and drinking litres a day of diet cola, to a diet filled with whole foods and beverages that are good for you.
  • From surviving on 5 - 6 hours asleep to cram more into her days, to sleeping 7 - 8 hours and being smarter about the way she works to get more done in less time.
  • From feeling like she was always doing for her family, to spending more time being with her family.
  • From not running more than 5km, now regularly running marathons and running 90km a week. (While she understands this is not everyone's idea of a good time, it brings her joy, helps her stay fit and clears her mind!)

Through her work interacting with mums online and her own personal journey Nicole realised that what we eat and drink can have a huge impact on how we feel, what we do and how we show up for ourselves and our families. 

About the creation of the first Adapt Drink

As a natural tinkerer in the kitchen, Nic taught herself to brew her own kombucha, ferment vegetables, make staple items like taco seasonings, chilli sauce, dukkah from scratch and from whole food ingredients.

Her curiosity in the power of foods to heal and help us led Nic to investigate and play with adaptogenic herbs. In her kitchen she brewed up her first adaptogenic drink using powdered herbs. And while she loved the way the drink made her feel, it didn't look that great and the taste wasn't awesome either!

First formulation of adaptogenic drink - sparkling adaptogenic drinks

From there, it was experimenting with adaptogenic herbal liquid extracts and the creation of a much more palatable functional beverage!

first adaptogenic herb liquid extract drink - sparkling adaptogenic drinks


Convinced of the power of this little beverage, it was at this point that Nic engaged the team at Brink Drinks to assist with tweaking and enhancing the flavour profile of the drink, so all could enjoy its benefits - not those just game enough to try Nic's homemade concoction! 

Adapt Drinks functional beverage - sparkling adaptogenic drinks

Adapt Relax is the first of a range of adaptogenic herb based functional beverages that Adapt Drinks will make. We chose to make Adapt Relax first as we felt this was a drink that could help provide a remedy to a rising health issue amongst women - feeling stressed. We wanted a drink that women could turn to help them unwind at the end of the day that wasn't alcohol based.  

About the power of small

At Adapt Drinks we are believers in the power of small. Small, sustainable changes build and grow to have a huge impact. Whether it is:

  • getting up five minutes earlier to write in a gratitude journal
  • drinking more water each day
  • eating more veggies at dinner
  • turning off the screens at night 30 mins before bed to get better sleep
  • adding more movement to your day

Practiced regularly these small actions will make a significant difference to your health and well being. Adapt Drinks are made using only natural ingredients and added to your daily routine will help nurture your health, heart and mind.


 sparkling adaptogenic drinks