About Adapt Drinks

sparkling adaptogenic drinks

Adapt Drinks is a functional beverage company. We make amazing sparkling adaptogenic drinks from adaptogenic herbs to help women adapt to life stressors, feel better and perform better, enabling them to live life with calm energy.

About Our Founder

Adapt Drinks was founded by Nicole Avery a Melbourne based active mum to five kids. Nic has worked online with women for over 15 years on her website Planning With Kids and intimately understands the stressors on modern women and the impact this has on their well being.

Nic is a keen recreational runner with the marathon being her preferred distance and is an early to bed early to rise human. Nic loves books, podcasts, making things from scratch in the kitchen and sunshine. She wishes Melbourne had a bit more of it but still loves this city anyway! 

Nicole Avery Founder Adapt Drinks

About Our Sparkling Adaptogenic Drinks

Life can run at a hectic pace. We know rest and relaxation is important for our health and wellbeing but getting enough of it can be challenging. Taking a few minutes at the end of the day to breathe a little slower and deeper, to take a moment to unwind and sip on a drink that will make us feel better is a small way we can nourish our body and mind.

This was the impetus for creating Adapt Drinks Relax - Nic wanted to create a great tasting non alcoholic drink to have at the end of the day to help women unwind and relax. A drink that took the edge off and left you feeling better in both the short and long term after you consumed it - no hangovers, no disrupted sleep and no brain fog after affects.

From the initial creations in Nic’s kitchen to the polished and delicious Adapt Drinks available now, they are made with love in Melbourne. Flavoured with native ingredients acknowledging the amazing resources we have in this country and the deep knowledge of our Indigenous peoples - the oldest continuous civilisation in the world.

The sparkling adaptogenic drinks have been intentionally crafted with women in mind, selecting ingredients that support their ability to accommodate the varying physical and emotional stresses of daily life. 

Nic would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments or feedback. You can email her at hello@adaptdrinks.com.auClick here to find out more about how our adaptogenic drinks work. 

sparkling adaptogenic drinks