Adapt Drinks x Eat Sleep Yoga Retreat

Adapt Drinks x Eat Sleep Yoga Retreat

eat sleep & yoga

In October a wonderful retreat was held at beach at front accommodation in Dunsborough, WA. I was absolutely thrilled when they ordered Adapt Drinks to serve their guests. 

The Eat, Sleep, Yoga Retreat is the sort of retreat I would love to go on! It included:

  • 3 yoga sessions
  • Nourishing food
  • Soul chats
  • Stand up paddle boarding 
  • Dinner at Bunker Bay
  • Meditation
  • Pamper session

How amazing does it sound? Adapt Drinks made a perfect compliment to the retreat allowing attendees to enjoy the delicious taste and feel the benefits of the healthy ingredients.

The retreat was led by Jessica Lowe from Jessica Lowe Coaching in conjunction with a team of amazing women:

Guests were served up delicious meals including these amazing smoothie bowls for breakfast.

eat sleep yoga retreat


Beautiful boho picnic style lunches with delicious Adapt Drinks!

eat sleep yoga retreat


Had fun learning how to stand up paddle board.

stand up paddle board retreat


In the evening there was some pampering with beautiful Earth + Stone products.

eat sleep yoga retreat


Plus other wonderful activities over the weekend. It looked like such a nourishing and energising retreat - wish I lived closer so I could attend! 

You can follow this talented team on Instagram to watch out for other amazing events and offers they have coming up:

If you are involved in a retreat or an event and would like to serve Adapt Drinks please email to discuss how we can work with you.

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