Ingredient Spotlight - Strawberry Gum

Ingredient Spotlight - Strawberry Gum

Eucalyptus olida or the Strawberry Gum tree is an Australian species in the Myrtaceae family. It is a small to medium-sized tree that is native to the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales but is also cultivated in regions further south.

It has rough, flaky and fibrous bark on the trunk and larger branches with white flowers and barrel-shaped or bell-shaped fruit.

The leaf of Strawberry gum can be used as a dried spice product in bushfood cooking, especially with fruit and in herbal teas. The essential oils can also be extracted from the leaves to create a strawberry gum extract. 

First Nations People traditionally chewed the Strawberry Gum leaves to enjoy the unique sweet berry flavour. The native strawberry gum extract is the key to the delicious flavour of Adapt Relax!

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Sparkling Adaptogenic Drinks

Adapt Drinks Relax is the perfect drink to help you wind down at the end of the day. Containing adaptogenic herbs and amino acids that have been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation, Adapt Drinks Relax is a nightly ritual you can enjoy that is rewarding, delicious and good for you.

So go ahead and pour yourself a glass. You deserve it.