Perimenopause Fatigue: Why You're Feeling Drained & Natural Remedies That Work

Perimenopause Fatigue: Why You're Feeling Drained & Natural Remedies That Work

We know many of the common symptoms of perimenopause like hot flushes and mood swings but perimenopause can also bring with it a significant drop in energy levels and persistent fatigue. Feeling constantly tired can impact your daily life, affecting your work, relationships, and overall well-being. So what is causing this fatigue?

Estrogen and fatigue during perimenopause

Perimenopause Fatigue and Estrogen

The tiredness and fatigue can be a consequence of the hormonal rollercoaster ride that is perimenopause. As perimenopause begins, your ovaries gradually wind down estrogen production, leading to fluctuations in this vital hormone. Estrogen plays a crucial role in energy regulation, and its decline can leave you feeling depleted. Additionally, progesterone, another key player in the hormonal orchestra, also starts to fluctuate, adding to the energy-zapping chaos.

Declining estrogen levels contribute to fatigue during perimenopause in the following ways:

  • Mitochondria: These are the "powerhouses" within your cells, responsible for converting nutrients into energy. Estrogen helps mitochondria function efficiently, ensuring your body has the fuel it needs. When estrogen levels decline, mitochondrial function can become less efficient, leading to reduced energy production and fatigue.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Estrogen impacts how your body uses and stores sugar, a primary energy source. Fluctuations in estrogen can disrupt this balance, leading to blood sugar swings that can leave you feeling either jittery and energized or crashing and tired.
  • Neurotransmitters: Estrogen plays a role in regulating neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which influence mood, motivation, and energy levels. When estrogen levels decline, it can affect these neurotransmitters, leading to decreased motivation and feelings of fatigue.
  • Sleep Quality: Estrogen helps regulate sleep-wake cycles and promotes deep, restorative sleep. Declining estrogen can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to fragmented sleep and daytime fatigue.

And you could be experiencing all of this on top of a busy family life, stressful work situation and active social life!

Adaptogens and fatigue

Perimenopause Fatigue and Adaptogens

So what is a natural remedy to help with fatigue during perimenopause Adaptogens! Adaptogens or adaptogenic herbs are renowned for their ability to help your body adapt to stress and promote overall well-being.

Adaptogens work in various ways, depending on the specific plant. Some modulate stress hormones like cortisol, preventing them from triggering fatigue. Others support your adrenal glands, the powerhouses responsible for energy production. Additionally, some adaptogens improve sleep quality, a crucial factor in feeling rested and energised. Here are some adaptogens which have been shown to combat fatigue during perimenopause:

  • Ashwagandha: This ancient herb is known as a stress-buster. It helps you relax and unwind, promoting deeper sleep and reducing fatigue.
  • Rhodiola rosea: This adaptogen acts as an energy tonic, supporting mental clarity and combating fatigue.
  • Schisandra berry: This versatile adaptogen offers a unique blend of benefits. It has been shown to improve physical stamina, enhance mental focus, and potentially alleviate night sweats, making it a well-rounded choice for perimenopausal energy. Its traditional use in Chinese medicine suggests its ability to help regulate body temperature, which could contribute to reducing nighttime sweating episodes.
  • Panax ginseng: This classic adaptogen is known for its potential to improve both mental and physical stamina. It can help you feel more alert and focused, while also enhancing physical endurance.

Adaptogens of course are not a magic bullet, and finding the right one for you might require some experimentation. If you are really struggling with fatigue it is important to consult with your healthcare professional.

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