Stockist Spotlight - Hits Different

Stockist Spotlight - Hits Different

Have you been searching for a healthy drink that you have heard your favourite podcaster talking about? Or seen a drink by your favourite health vlogger but can't find it anywhere? Then you need to head to Hits Different. They have an exceptional range of healthy beverages and many that are usually very hard to find in Australia.

hits different healthy drinkas

Hits Different is all about healthy hydration. Whether you are after a better energy drink or sugar free sparkling waters, Hits Different has you covered and you can purchase them as individual drinks or in packs of 6 or 12 - including Adapt Drinks Relax!

hits different drinks decider

And if you would like to taste some new drinks but are not sure where to start then try their ‘Drinks Decider’ to help you get started or choose something that Hits Different! You answer a few questions and then they give you some tasty bevs for you to try. 

Q & A with Hits Different Founder, Dylan Butler

Dylan Buttler is the founder of Hits Different. He is passionate about showing you how easy it can be to enjoy delicious, refreshing drinks without compromising your health by providing you with the best products and knowledge. I recently asked Dylan a few questions about Hits Different and its origins.

dylan butler hits different

How did you come up with your name? 

A friend suggested it and it stuck perfectly!

How long have you been going for and what made you start your business?

1.5 years now. I'm obsessed with healthy drinks and wanted to bring greater variety, flavour and function to those that want to enjoy more options.

hits different la croix

What are the customer favourite products at your store?

Clean energy drinks, sparkling waters and functional beverages

What do you love about working on your business?

Showing people how easy it can be to switch to a 'better for you' drink without compromising on their health. It's amazing how much better people can feel after making a few small changes to their drinking habits and choices.

Why did you decided to stock non alcoholic drinks?

We find many are looking for healthy alternatives to alcohol. They don't want to compromise on flavour and enjoyment.

What changes have you seen in the drinks industry over the last twelve months?

Oh huge, huge ones! The people drinking non alcoholic are not people who are meeting at the local AA meetings. They're drivers. They have a meeting the next day. They don;t want the hangxiety. They want to go for an early walk. They don't want to double text their whole phone book! It's just changing the mindset so much. And then there are the products themselves which have come incredible leaps and bounds in terms of flavour and function.

You can check out the extensive range of healthy beverages at Hits Different and order some Adapt Drinks Relax too via the Hits Different website. And give follow them on Instagram here where you get awesome serving suggestions and great tips on healthy drinks.

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Sparkling Adaptogenic Drinks

Adapt Drinks Relax is the perfect drink to help you wind down at the end of the day. Containing adaptogenic herbs and amino acids that have been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation, Adapt Drinks Relax is a nightly ritual you can enjoy that is rewarding, delicious and good for you.

So go ahead and pour yourself a glass. You deserve it.