Stockist Spotlight - Sip & Enjoy

Stockist Spotlight - Sip & Enjoy

Sip & Enjoy is an online and retail store specialising in the best non alcoholic drinks available. The retail store is in the very cool and central Abbotsford, so can recommend popping in if you want to explore the world of non alc drinks. Sip & Enjoy was a definite front runner in this space as it was Melbourne's 1st Non Alcoholic Drinks Store.

Sip & Enjoy stocks Adapt Drinks Relax where you can buy it as a single can or in four packs.

Q & A with Sip & Enjoy Founder, Van Nguyen

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I met Founder Van Nguyen not long after Sip & Enjoy opened up its brick and mortar store in Sept 2021. Van is a dynamic business woman with a passion for non alcoholic and healthy drinks. Van has quickly grown Sip and Enjoy to be the go to place if you want help in choosing a great non alc drink. I asked Van a few questions about Sip & Enjoy and its origins.

How long have you been going for and what made you start your business?

Sip and Enjoy has just celebrated its first birthday! I started Sip and Enjoy so that people could find a tasty drink to enjoy without the stigma. I wanted to stock drinks that you would want to take out with you. Forget about being called the boring designated driver or the mum or dad of the group! It is about drinking the good stuff, feeling the excitement but waking up the next morning ready to conquer the world rather than hiding from it.

What are the customer favourite products at your store?

sip & enjoy abbotsford

This is very much based on the weather. In the spring and summer months it is:

  • non alc white wines
  • non alc rosé 
  • ready to drink options like non alc Negronis, Bellini's, Margaritas etc
  • healthy tonics.

Then in the autumn and winter months it is more:

  • non alc red wine, 
  • non alc whiskey and bourbons.

My favourites for winter are the non alc Wolf Blass Shiraz and the non alc Pure Vision Organic Shiraz.

Beers are a winner all year round and there are so many great non alc craft beers available now. 

What do you love about working on your business?

Providing the customer a journey and educating them on the great taste and benefits of non alcoholic drinks.

Why did you decided to stock non alcoholic drinks?

non alc wines


For me it was all about health and well being. It was about mindfulness when it comes to drinking and making it easier to be able to socialise without the stigma.

What changes have you seen in the drinks industry over the last twelve months?

Red wines have seen the biggest change and this has been a positive improvement as they have become more refined. Local breweries are pivoting and are providing their own non alc alternatives. The hospitality industry is in itself one of the biggest movements as it begins to fully embrace non alc drink options on the menu.

You can visit Van at Sip & Enjoy and pick up some Adapt Drinks Relax as well as other fantastic drinks at 281 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Victoria. And definitely follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with events and new arrivals to the store.

You can also sign up to the Sip & Enjoy newsletter to receive 10% off your first online order. (Scroll to the bottom of the website for the sign up form.)

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So go ahead and pour yourself a glass. You deserve it.