Your Roadmap to Perimenopause Wellness - Access Recording

On Tuesday 5th September to celebrate Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week I partnered with the powerhouse Mish Wright from EVEolution to present a free online event - Your Roadmap to Perimenopause Wellness to help women embrace their journey to well-being during perimenopause. 

During the event we took a deep dive into thriving through perimenopause and menopause. Mish demystified perimenopause giving you the low down on what to expect and tips on how to manage symptoms. Mish also explained the history of Hormone Replacement Therapy/Menopausal Replacement Therapy and who might benefit from it.

I then provided tips on cultivating healthy habits for your hormones, sharing examples of how I do this in my own life and gave background info so you can understand the habit loop and leverage it to foster positive habits for overall wellbeing. We had some time for Q&A at the end as well which was great to hear what attendees where interested in and concerned about. 

Even if you are not at this stage of life yet, it is still worth a watch to prepare you for what is coming or to help support those around you that are currently moving through this phase of life.

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